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Content & Method


Why an outdoor kindergarten?


The growing up conditions for children has altered, especially considering the last 10–15 years. As a result of this, the possibilities of motion and perception for children have diminished. These two vital factors create the foundation for an overall sense of reality and capability to receive and comprehend new knowledge. The entering of video, computers and computer – games into children’s everyday life, has led to a more one-sided visual and audile stimulation basis, to generate imagination and a rich vocabulary.


The traffic volume has also expanded which has affected children’s possibilities to come across playground areas.

The children’s skills shrink when these possibilities decrease. Where are all the paths we once walked?


We must restore the feeling of freedom for our children. Freedom with responsibilities – situations to master.







Outdoor life is important for the children’s development





Through nature, children are able to gain essential knowledge. With all their senses they may experience the unexpected,
the unverifiable, the surprising, the diversity, the change, the wet, the cold, the funny, the unpleasant, the scary,
the dangerous, and the thrilling. Everything the new safety directions are devoid of.


All these experiences are important and essential knowledge on the way to become a competent grown up.
Outdoor life and activities gives the reward of:


  • less noise

  • less stress

  • improved motor-skills

  • improved concentration

  • stimulation of creativity

  • fewer conflicts

  • knowledge to recognise one’s boundaries











Through active outdoor life and use of nature, we want to give children the opportunities for physical activities and stimulate each child’s motor-skills
together with social, intellectual and emotional development.


  • Offer children exiting challenges which they have to learn how to master

  • To give children the sense of freedom, time and a lot of possibilities

  • Offer adventures experiences and create memories which children and grown ups can share

  • Teach children to cooperate through solving different assignments

  • Stimulate children’s fondness of nature through activities

  • Strengthen the children’s motor- skills through movement in different natural environment

  • Teach the children to be safe in nature

  • Stimulate linguistic concepts through nature and through the knowledge of an outdoor life



Attention, curiosity- the children’s own questions, the creativity- imagination and the humour shall not just be ways of work, but the goal for the educational work




We want to achieve a kindergarten where we offer each individual child the feeling of freedom, space, tranquillity and tim


We want to achieve a kindergarten where we play and learn with joy



We want to achieve a kindergarten where the road is the goal